Social Media & Open Source Investigations Class

"I learned more in this 2 day class than I did in another open source class that was 3 days." Gig Harbor, Washington Student

"Knowledgeable instructor with an engaging presentation style. Highly recommend the class." Brier, Washington Student

“A lot of valuable information was presented in a very short period of time.  I truly found the class beneficial and would highly recommend it to all police personnel as the trend has become that more crime is being committed with clues and evidence located on the internet and woven into social media.” Shelton, CT Student

“This is the most information I have ever received from one class, amazing class and information” Daytona Beach, FL Student

“Super informative. Learned so much I didn't know. Instructor really knows his business.” Pensacola, Florida Student

"Great course. Good mix of lecture, demonstration and exercises." Gig Harbor, Washington Student

“The material was useful and even better I like you're laid back, knowledgable teaching style, it really helps the adult cop learn” Washington, Utah Student

“Class was amazing! Learned a lot! Would love to get my agency on board for ALL CID” Pensacola, Florida Student

“Loved how relevant and up to date the information was. Touched on just about every question I had and more about utilizing social media in my role. Would like to see this course offered to more analyst.” Daytona Beach, FL Student

"Great presentation! Through the knowledge I gained from this class, I was able to locate a facebook account of a suspect that Ive been trying to find." Concord, North Carolina Student

“Great and instantly useful information. Way better than other classes I have taken that were similar” Washington, Utah Student

“Great instructor. Very approachable and knowledgeable. Really like they way you presented the material. I've taken a few other classes where the instructor was retired and while they were good, the information and techniques change so quickly that some of their information was out of date. It is great that you are working in a unit that actively uses the information you are teaching. Didn't just give out tools to pull information but showed them in a practical application. I really enjoyed the class. Thank you!!” Pensacola, Florida Student

“Great information, techniques will be used daily, don’t change anything” Daytona Beach, FL Student

"Detective Hock is very passionate about this subject and you can tell he knows the information well. The course was well put together and extremely informative. I will take this information back to my department to share and use on cases" Des Moines, Iowa Student

"Great course. I really liked how it went into the legality of using social media in investigations and how the instructor had the most up to date information on the major social media sites." Brier, Washington Student

"John Hock does a tremendous job providing a wealth of knowledge and information over the span of 2 days. It is a subject that could easily be taught over a longer period of time, but John gives students the resources to immediately go out and begin working on the skills on their own. Thanks again for the great instruction John" Gig Harbor, Washington Student

“Really good course that I think every investigator needs. Well taught course. Makes it easy to follow along and understand” Washington, Utah Student

“I have no suggestions for improvement. I really enjoyed every single moment of the course. I am surely not versed in the IT world, but I never felt lost or behind.” Pensacola, Florida Student

"Very knowledgeable in the course content. Very good at getting hands on with the material" Des Moines, Iowa Student

"John is a true subject matter expert. There was a lot of material to cover in a short amount of time. He did a great job but it would be helpful to have more practical exercises of how to use open source investigations." Concord, North Carolina Student

"Very informative wish it could have been a day longer." Brier, Washington Student

"Thanks John!  I really enjoyed your class and learned a lot.  Thank you very much and keep it up!" Gig Harbor, Washington Student

"Extremely informative class." Gig Harbor, Washington Student

“Great material and very knowledgeable instructor. I learned a lot of things I had never even knew or heard of.” Washington, Utah Student

"Very useful. Should be a common course for new investigators." Des Moines, Iowa Student

"The class was awesome! Lots of great information, and I can't wait to start using it." Concord, North Carolina Student

"GREAT CLASS!! VERY INFORMATIVE" Brier, Washington Student

“Really enjoyed the class, content and extremely relevant to my current assignment. Excellent practical exercises as well!” Daytona Beach, FL Student

"Great class, I learned a ton and will be using the information learned for my work." Gig Harbor, Washington Student

"Very knowledgeable about multiple forms of social media. I appreciate that the instructor is willing to share resources." Concord, North Carolina Student

"Great course I learned a lot and was very user friendly" Des Moines, Iowa Student

"Great content, relevant & knowledgeable instructor!" Gig Harbor, Washington Student

"Awesome content and instruction!" Concord, North Carolina Student

"Great instructor= good course" Brier, Washington Student

“Had a lot of information I did not know and seems like it will be very helpful to advance some investigations” Washington, Utah Student

"It was obvious that he has expertise in this field and is highly credible as a LE instructor." Des Moines, Iowa Student

"John's abilities as an instructor are exceptional.  He has taught a number of courses to fellow police officers, fire fighters and local civilians.  He is always well received and receives excellent feedback from the students.  Regarding his knowledge of online investigations, I can tell you that he has transformed the way many of our own investigators use social media to enhance their investigations. "

“John was very knowledgeable, would recommend the course to others in investigations.” Washington, Utah Student